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Hiya, I'm Natalie and I'm 14.  I belong to St Stephens youth group and I am preparing to go to cologne. In the youth group we have loads of fun! It's not just about being holy and religious. We have sleepovers and lots of trips to different parts of Scotland. I have had lots of good experiences in this group. I have been gliding, met monks, cycling and lots of fundraising. If anyone in the world belongs to a similar group and is planning on going to Cologne good luck and you could contact us and hope to see you there. x     

Hi, we're Rachel and Lucy and we are 14!  We have been going to St.Stephens youth group for just under 2 years.  We have had lots of fun taking part in fundraisers  to raise money for us to go to the World Youth Day in Cologne next August!  We are really looking forward to going and have already raised a lot of cash!  We do lots of fun activities such as having sleepovers (with LOTS  of sweets!)  We also have monthly meetings which involves everyone getting together both spiritually and socially everyone has a good time and we all get on with one another (which helps!) Anyhoo if you would like to join us and take part in the Youth Day then please get in contact with Helen or Fr.Conroy. We hope to see some new faces soon.

Hi I'm Laura I'm 13 and I am an altar server and I come along to the youth masses but unfortunately I'm not going to the world youth day in cologne because I'm not old enough but enough of my sob stories I'm sure you would like to know about the youth group but I could be here all night but I can tell a little about it we do fundraisers and all sort of events it's really quite funny and it gives you something to do and we do sleepovers with lots and lots of sweets as Lucy and Rachel told you so please come along because we want to see some new faces. You get to dance a lot).

Hi I'm Stacy I've just turned 12 in September so I have just only recently joined the young adults group which for me is EXTREMELY fun because I was only one of 6 people to go to St.Andrews so this is the only opportunity I get to socialise with my friends from primary. But the one part of the parish that I really participate in is Serving on the altar I serve there every Saturday and Sunday of the year. Thanks for reading!


Hello I'm Gary and I'm 15 years old.  I am in the youth group I am going to Cologne for the world youth day celebrations in August 2005.  I am going to Cologne to learn more about my faith and to see the Pope in flesh.  I am also going to meet new people experience new cultures.


Hi! I'm Dominic and I'm 14 years old. I go to St. Stephens youth group. I am going to Cologne in August 2005 for World youth day. To prepare for world youth day I went to Pluscarden Abbey to experience the outdoors. I am going to Cologne to share my faith and experience other faiths. I also hope to meet new people and keep in touch when I leave Cologne. We had a Christmas party on the 12th December. It was brill. I also want to see the pope which will be good because it will be a good experience. If you are going to cologne look out for me I will be in a large group of people with lots of Scotland flags.


Hey I'm Jilly (18). I'm preparing to go to the World Youth Day Cologne next summer, I have already been to a WYD in Toronto in 2002. We begin our diocesan preparation in December, why not come along and join us.


Hiya, I'm Sarah and I'm 14. I belong to St. Stephen's youth group and I am preparing to go to Cologne next summer. We have organised many events for fundraising like Ceilidhs, Christmas Fairs, Family fun days, race nights and Ladies Socials. Have you got any other ideas how we can raise money? Please email us so as many of us from the parish can go. Thanks. 


hey hey it's LynneLucy !!!!! wahahahaha bubi lxolxxx